ROBI has been playing guitar and singing his heart for the better part of his life​​!
He has written the story of his life's journey as a Lover of life, Proud Father, one of 5 Brothers, Son and Traveler.
Singing about the adventures that make up his experience as a songwriter. 

& NARROW BRIDGE is my Band!

Here's what I've been up to:

August 29, 2012  ROBI & Bobalou Benavides opened the benefit concert for "Ruth's Ride"- at the MACC in Maui.   Featuring David Crosby, Graham Nash & Jackson Browne! 

January 2013  ROBI was invited to Moscow by Sergey Ozipov & the band "Rock Machine". We recorded my song "No Pretense" for their new release "Little Sister"!

February 2015  ROBI was honored to receive the award for "Best Folk Singer Songwriter Album" from the Akadema Music Awards of Los Angeles​​ 

March - June 2017   ROBI performed & recorded in Moscow with ROCK MACHINE then continued to tour in Amsterdam & Paris France.  

2018 - 2019  - Returned to record the new EP and develop my Fan base by Performing at Vineyards & Venues across the Central Coast of CA., (and beyond).

and now for something completely different...

SUMMER OF 2021 ROBI is Releasing the 4 song EP:
"NARROW BRIDGES OF SLO COUNTY", Along with the 7 song EP
(recorded during Covid):  "AFTER THE REIGN"!