I listened to “Whispering Wind,” and it has a great world beat sound with Duganne’s rich vocals and warm guitar sound.... & some great flute. ”

— - Glen Starkey, music editor, SLO New Times

ROBI & *Narrow Bridge Music*

Robi has been playing guitar and singing his heart for the better part of his life​​.  He Writes the Tale of his Life's Journey as a Songwriter, Lover, Father, Brother and Son!  A student of Life & the Muse's that Seduce him into Creative Bliss!

He was with Night Gypsies in the early 90's and BellaDonna soon after that!
Now Narrow Bridge is his Brand as well as his Band!

August 29, 2012  ROBI opened the benefit concert for- "Ruth's Ride" featuring David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Jackson Browne at the MACC cultural center in Maui.

January 2013  ROBI is invited to Moscow by Sergey Ozerg and the band "Rock Machine" to record his song "No Pretense" on their CD "Little Sister".

February 2015  ROBI is honored with the Award for "Best Singer Songwriter Album" in February, 2015 from the Akademia Music Awards of Los Angeles. ​​  

March 2017 ROBI begins his 3 month European tour with his new EP "Narrow Bridges of SLO County" He will again, record & perform with Sergey Ozipov and other artists in Moscow.

ROBI'S Solo Work and the Narrow Bridge Band have found a niche in the CA Central Coast Wine Country.​​ 
He is also a member of the popular North SLO county band: PASO WINE MAN BAND with Casey Biggs.

Whispering Wind - Take a listen.

Cold Cup of Blues


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